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In reality though, I can only appreciate the Baguio in present time.I may not have seen Baguio in the olden days but I still think it’s beautiful.

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The staff is attentive and courteous, which makes dining really comfortable. One of most crowded restaurants in Baguio City that I visited is Good Taste.

Based from our experience, I can guarantee you that this is a must-try place in Baguio City. Famous with people on a budget, they serve big servings of super affordable food that taste really good.

There’s the famous Burnham Park where you can see people jogging early in the morning, parents teaching their kids how to bike, tourists paddling on the man-made lake, and people watching the dancing fountain at night.

It’s an ideal place to take a walk, talk with friends, or just hang out for relaxation.

My recent trip the City of Flowers and having had a chance to do some little explorations, I can definitely see myself living in Baguio.

If I get a chance to resign my current job and then work and live in Baguio, I’d do it in a heartbeat due to the following reasons: 1) The Weather This terrible heat we are experiencing in Manila these past few months makes me wish that I’m living in Baguio.

We ordered the all-time favorite buttered chicken and chopsuey, good enough for 3 persons.

We even had taken out some of our food for our breakfast the next day. You can order from any restaurants inside the community and they will deliver the food on the table or restaurant of your choosing.

The city is cold even at noon time and sleeping is no trouble even without an electric fan.

The morning we arrived in Baguio, we were welcomed by a 16 °C temperature, too far from the 30° C heat of Manila.

No doubt this place is a favorite by many tourists.

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