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Welcome to the symposium “Development of Sexuality in Childhood”. Although we know a lot about its physical expressions, we know much less about the mental forces that drive it. The first time that we can express our sexuality is when we reach puberty.

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What would be our strategy for studying that multitude of behaviors? The opps of the first group depend on the sexes of the partners, and those of the second group are sex-independent.

The sex dependent opps are responsible for selecting a partner of the desired sex.

The opps operate on concepts, which are also organized in hierarchies.

For example, the opps by which we recognize faces operate on concepts, such as eyes, nose, and mouth.

It involves processing input data from millions of sensory cells and coordinating the activities of numerous motor units. Computers come with a set of basic programs that enable them to perform basic general tasks, and another set of basic programs that enable them to install and to use new apps.

The fact that the brain operates consistently, time-and-again, is an indication that it uses what may be called operation-programs (OPPs). The new apps are specific to the tasks that each computer has to perform.

Those concepts are evoked by basic stimuli that come from light sensing cells in our eyes. In our meeting, I would like to talk about the opps that control the mental aspects of sexual behavior, and how they evolve; how, using innate opps and concepts, a child’s brain processes daily experiences, and assembles the opps and the concepts that will control sexual activities at puberty. I would like to focus on the development of the mental aspects of the first two stages of any sexual activity: sexual attraction and sexual arousal.

Your starting point is that we are born with innate opps and concepts that guide the sub-conscious development of our sexuality.

The second group is responsible for the arousal of emotions that depend on sex-independent factors.

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