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Shen can force the issue by Shadow Dashing in, landing the taunt, then pulling the spirit blade through.This gives him a pretty big boost to his damage, and opens up Spirit's Refuge to parry his opponent’s reply.Instead, he’s all about positioning, manoeuvring around his opponent so his Q casts pull his spirit blade through his enemy.

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Well, his new Q - Twilight Assault - completely changes how and when Shen wants to fight.

He’s purely melee now, obviously, so can’t bully or last hit from range.

His new W has serious implications in teamfights, too, giving his entire team the means to dodge incoming basic attacks.

Again, this all requires positional smarts, and the ability’s cooldown means he’ll only really get one shot with it per late-game fight.

___________ First things first: Shen’s staying largely faithful to his original design.

His old Q had some neat interactions with other champions, but ultimately it was basically a point-and-click damage ability with some bells and whistles attached.

Feint - his old W - had aged even worse, and was basically a pretty bland shield (because practically no-one built AP on Shen) that just interfered with his otherwise precious energy pool.

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