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Ed Price, a Michigan State Police detective who works on the FBI task force in Detroit, compared the evolution in law enforcement and society’s understanding of trafficking to an earlier evolution in domestic violence.Not long ago, husbands beating their wives was more accepted than it is today.“It took decades for that mindset to change, and I think that’s what you’re seeing now with human trafficking and prostitution,” Price said.

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That night, Ireland raped the girl while she was sleeping. Ireland is now in prison, at least until 2022, on multiple charges related to the rape.

MSU police sought child pornography, human trafficking and other charges against the MSU student, but Ingham County prosecutors denied the request because there wasn’t enough evidence to prove the student, and not Ireland, had posted the ads.

Prosecutors were unwilling to strike a deal with Ireland for testimony against the student, according to police reports.

The student has since graduated and works for a banking firm in the Baltimore area.

She also had a profile on the site Meet, where she claimed she was 18.

Her family was unaware she was on those sites, they would later tell police. 20, 2015, Ireland and a friend, a graduate student at MSU, picked the young girl up in that snowy parking lot where her mother lost sight of her.

When police asked the MSU student about it, he asked for a lawyer and wouldn’t answer any more questions.

At least one man came to the apartment, Ireland told police, but left before doing anything with the girl because the would-be john worried he’d walked into a police sting.

The federal investigation into Smith’s case led to the March 14 arrest and 15 prostitution-related charges against longtime Ingham County Prosecuting Attorney Stuart Dunnings III.

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