Who are the jonas brothers dating in 2016

They made an effort to keep things under wraps, using the private pool for members that's harder for regular guests—and paparazzi—to get glimpses of."We were also told that the twosome were scheduled to go to LIV nightclub after Nick's concert at Fillmore Miami Beach, but they canceled shortly before.

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He describes the Disney experience as strange—as if you were attending high school in front of everyone. Experiencing that magnitude of fame as a barely pubescent teenager—the kind where your face is plastered over lunch boxes, T-shirts, and television screens—made him nervous.

The pressure to be perfect, lest everything disappear, was a legitimate and real fear for him.

9 concert in New York City, along with Jennifer Lopez, Casper Smart, Gigi Hadid and Joe Jonas.

Nick Jonas is a recovering teen idol, and now a thoroughly adult solo artist, and tonight he’s going to outdrink me. Jonas adds, with a slightly mischievous smile, “He’s way more fun to be around.” And he’s not wrong.

In the parking lot of Pinches Tacos, he tells his bodyguard we’re going to Bar Marmont, like he’s checking in with his dad, and we jaywalk across a strangely deserted Sunset Boulevard. Twenty-four hours earlier, all my notions about Nick Jonas were rooted in nostalgia for his Disney years and further complicated by his current breakout, a three-tiered career track that has him dabbling in acting, singing, and producing, seemingly trying out all the professional hats a 23-year-old megastar could. Maybe because he’s quieter, more reserved, even a tad world-weary.

A bit later, over our second or third round of drinks, I ask him if he ever feels trapped. Tonight, he seems to want to break out of that mold, too, and be a touch more spontaneous, which means talking about dating, drinking tequila, and abandoning his bodyguard, with permission, of course.

Word around town is that hottie Nick Jonas has been hanging out with none other than blond bombshell Kate Hudson!

The two celebs were spotted enjoying each other's company on multiple occasions over the weekend, while Jonas continued his world tour in Florida.

And as far as me, Nick, as a person, I feel the most free.” We tipsily clink our glasses: “Here’s to free Nick,” we say, toasting his liberation.

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