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The America into which Hugh Hefner was born was in many ways intolerant and repressive.He, among only a handful of men in our history, made it less so.They're saddened by Hefner's death but grateful for the opportunities he gave them.

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"The man set out some huge goals for himself and he accomplished them," said Pegs Weber, former Playboy Bunny. "It was one of the hardest working jobs I ever had and one of the most rewarding," Weber said.

Weber says the job gave her character and helped build confidence.

Now that he’s gone, I realize more than ever that he didn’t have to do those things.

I also realized that by his fostering the literary and performing arts, by putting the wealth of his organization and the power of his convictions squarely on the side of civil liberties for all of our citizens, he was trying to make this country a better and fairer place.

The mum-of-two, who was often hailed as Hefner's 'favourite' Playmate, dubbed him a 'gentleman' who made the world a 'freer and sexier place'. Kendra, 32, who was one of the seven Girls Next Door and lived with Hefner, said the 91-year-old legend 'changed my life' and added that he will be in her heart 'forever,'Mc Carthy tweeted a picture of one of her Playboy covers and wrote: 'RIP #Hef Thank you for being a revolutionary and changing so many people's lives, especially mine.

She was joined by Kim Kardashian, who said she was 'honoured' to have been part of the Playboy team, while Paris Hilton dubbed the publishing magnate a 'legend.'Hefner's son Cooper announced his father's death via Twitter Wednesday night. I hope I made you proud.' Jenny's emotional words echo her gratitude to Hefner for guiding her career.It's not the news you want to hear but for Gail Frantz, learning of Hefner's passing reminded her of a fond era."We have such good memories, we had such a wonderful time working at Playboy," said Frantz.I sent Brian my classic 1970s playboy pinball machine with a note telling him that he’d found his director.After Brian capitulated, I had a series of meetings with Hef, desperately trying to crack how to tell the story, which is the odyssey of his life.Many titans of industry have no interest in contributing to the Greater Good. But his most treasured acquisitions were friends of whom there are too many to count and causes that were unabashedly progressive — of which he was justifiably proud.

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