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These would get Hollywood stars of a similarly low-level, perhaps flickering, wattage to Kevin Bacon’s – Rob Lowe, Val Kilmer, Patrick Swayze, Emilio Estevez – and gently mock them.

The stars, it seemed, were in on the joke, which made the ads less mean, even a little bit cool. He doesn’t seem to realise he’s being mocked by the people writing his scripts.

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My first problem with the Bacon ad was that it was unfunny; Kevin deserves better.

The second problem was that he must have been thinking that we distinctly remember him in all these films in order to have engaged with the storyline. The third problem is that the advertising creatives behind the set-up, if they have any awareness of the average cinemagoer’s Kevin Bacon knowledge, must therefore be gently mocking him by fostering his delusion that everyone remembers him appearing in all these different films.

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Movie stars have been making well-paid ads in Japan for years – as so brilliantly parodied by Bill Murray in the film Lost in Translation.

Now Britain is clearly considered enough of a backwater for them to start doing it here, with Bruce Willis and Al Pacino also making recent tongue-in-cheek appearances in UK ads.

Earlier this year I saw him in one advert where, thanks to digital manipulation, multiple Kevin Bacons sit round a kitchen table discussing the parts he’s played.

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