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The Guy She Fell For Emily was the daughter of activist parents (at 10, she declared herself a vegetarian) and grew up in the small, liberal town of Roosevelt, New Jersey.

She arrived at college in Gettysburg ready to change the world.

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She found it deserted, nearly everyone gone for the approaching Easter break.

"Emily's door was open, and all her stuff untouched," Maggie says. Yet looking at that empty room, I knew."Meanwhile, Gettysburg senior Theresa (not her real name) left the assembly early, got in her car, and headed home for the break.

"I decorated my side of our room pink," recalls Maggie, her freshman dormmate.

"Emily hung a poster of a lethal-injection table she got at an anti–death penalty rally."Guys had crushes on her, but Emily usually didn't take it too seriously.

A year later, it was released around the world as Uncharted: Drake's Fortune on December 7, 2007.

Don't miss the Uncharted 10th Anniversary cast signing with @nolan_north, Richard Mc Gonagle, @Emilyrose LA, @The Claudia Black, @Laura Bailey VO, @Troy Baker VA, @grahammctavish, and @Robin_A_Downes in one hour at pm PT! #Uncharted10 Vfhh Vu Vv At E3 2006, we revealed a trailer for our then-untitled next project.

"In about 20 percent of relationship homicides," explains Storm, "the killing itself was the first act of violence." In many such cases, she adds, the man uses emotional blackmail to keep a woman with him, and as long as that works, he doesn't need to resort to physical force.

"But if crying, playing on her guilt, or threats fail," says Storm, "he may lash out from fear and loss of control."That swift, out-of-the-blue violence can be extremely difficult to predict, according to Laura Dugan, Ph D, associate professor of criminology and criminal justice at the University of Maryland.

"As time went on," she says, "I realized there must be a reason he wasn't answering."At a press conference that afternoon, Adams County District Attorney Shawn Wagner finally announced the victim: Emily Silverstein, a 19-year-old sophomore.

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