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The PPI agrees with the government’s approach and has used the same discount rate in the research that the government uses to set employer contributions - CPI 3 %.

See FT website (paywall) See JER FTfm article "Understated costs a poor legacy"Rather than taxpayers taking on a £9bn deficit, we appear to be making a £28.5bn windfall a conjuring trick on a breathtaking scale!

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See Robert Peston's blog "Royal Mail and HMG's creative accounting" May 2009 I no longer believe that this government is serious about economic or fiscal policy.

Nor does it appear the institutional checks and balances work to protect the public.

See FT website (paywall) See response from Mr Max King Equities do have a higher expected return than inflation-protected bonds, but this is simply a reward for the risk of holding equities, not a “free lunch” or a “loyalty bonus” for long-term investors.

See FT website Dutch pension schemes are among the most tightly regulated of any in Europe or North America.

Unfortunately, these changes will allow companies to underfund their pension plans, which will cost taxpayers down the road.

Like John Ralfe, the pensions consultant well known to these pages, I was sufficiently struck by the Bank of England’s claims about the impact of QE to take a deeper look at their calculations, and in particular at their estimates of how the first two rounds of QE have affected the performance of the stock market.

What if today’s historically low interest rates are not some aberration that will quickly disappear?

If so, temporary increases in the discount rate will only delay, rather than prevent, the day or reckoning for pensions.

See JER's FTfm article December 2012 Lawmakers head back to Springfield in early January to try to tackle the state’s massive pension crisis.

Illinois’ retirement systems have unfunded liabilities of at least billion and counting.

In choosing to hold such a high proportion of risky assets, the USS is “absolutely out on a limb”, said John Ralfe The scheme has “taken a huge bet and it hasn’t paid off”.

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