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She is no stranger to red carpet events, but usually attends alongside one of her famous parents.

Parker is the creation of John Connolly, a Dublin-based author who was once a journalist for The Irish Times.

The character is easily one of our favourites in the crime genre, even though the books often detour into the supernatural.

There aren’t any, and the Charlie Parker books all offer solid and original mysteries. Parker’s bloodstained past has turned him into a man for whom evil is not just a philosophical concept, but a palpable presence.

As he himself says, “I have learned to embrace the dead and they, in their turn, have found a way to reach out to me.” Some of Connolly’s malign forces sometimes have more than a whiff of David Cronenberg’s Body Horror about them, while at other times there’s more than a hint of the ghost stories of the great English writer MR James.

His admission comes after Billy admitted he was left feeling 'a little embarrassed' after learning that he was going to be knighted.

He told the BBC: 'I am a little embarrassed but deep within me, I'm very pleased to have it.Parkinson's is a chronic neurological disorder, characterised by a deficiency of dopamine. Fox and Muhammad Ali are among the most famous people with it.The main symptoms are slowness of movement, stiffness of muscles and shaking.During the 90s Billy branched out into TV documentaries, journeying to all corners of the globe for a variety of TV specials, including A Scot in the Arctic.After continuing to act and star in TV and stand-up comedy specials, the star wound back his professional commitments in 2010, but continued to star in selected works such as the Scottish-themed animation Brave and The Hobbit: The Battle of the Five Armies.The former Boyzone member married at the luxurious Archerfield House in East Lothian, Scotland, on August 17 2015, with the blessing of all his children, who played best man and bridesmaids.

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