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It is kind of monthly, kind of weekly, and kind of daily.Fancyclopedia II, based on Jack Speer's earlier Fancyclopedia, was published in 1959 by Dick Eney, and was available on line at Eney's site until his recent death.

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Fancyclopedia 3 is intended to be a collective enterprise of all of fandom.

Based on the previous works, it is to be written by fans who want to contribute. If you're a fanzine fan, you probably know about the various fan funds which send worthy fans (who will, it is hoped, publish a trip report) to conventions in foreign lands.

Visit the TAFF site for candidate platforms and the voting ballot.

Click here for photos from the TAFF party for Randy Byers in Walthamstow, England, 12 April 2003SF Hub - Liverpool University's subject portal for science fiction scholars is based on the wealth of research resources in the Science Fiction Collections of The University of Liverpool's Special Collections and Archives.

Corflu 35 will be held in Canada on the first weekend in May 2018 at the Ramada Plaza Toronto Downtown hotel.

Catherine Crockett and Colin Hinz are Chairs, and further details are on the Corflu website. Peter Weston's columns of fannish commentary and fanzine reviews for the British Science Fiction Association's journal VECTOR, written under the pseudonym 'Malcolm Edwards'. Begun by Peter Roberts in the early 1970s and extended by Vince Clarke and Rob Hansen, this covers fanzines published by fans of general science fiction from 1930 to 1990.

Anywho, I picked this book out of the throng for literally no other reason then it was the first one I saw and it directly ties in to the new movie. They’re from 1979, and, I would assume, onward and they’re taken from the weekly Hulk Comic that was created around the time the live action series was gaining popularity.

It’s a collection of stories that tell Logan’s origins with the Weapon X project, shed some light on his Japanese love interest and her evil father, (why can’t they just have a well adjusted home for once? There’s some big names involved, including Dave Gibbons and Steve Dillon, and it should be interesting to see what a British take on the Hulk is like. And apparently it’s popular because they keep putting them out.

Then set Claire Brialey and Mark Plummer loose in the fanzine archives.

You end up with this excellent collection of Greg Pickersgill's writings, now available for the first time on line.

The Canadian Fancyclopedia—the result of 15 years research by R.

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