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I think those of us who pay attention to these things can all agree that Taylor Armstrong of Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is a mess.

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Brandi should be more concerned about Taylor’s well being, not the potential estranged wife of Taylor’s boyfriend.

Of course Brandi has a lot of raw personal emotions that she’s still dealing with after what she went through, and she admits that.

I think she’s hurting people and I don’t have respect for that, so I don’t know that I will ever be OK with Taylor.” Radar was first to report that Taylor was hooking up with her married attorney, who has subsequently separated from his wife.

Both Armstrong and Bluher vehemently denied they were romantically involved but Taylor has since come clean about the affair, gushing that the father-of-three is the “love of my life.” Dating a married man is a touchy subject with Glanville, who famously divorced from her husband, Eddie Cibrian, after he had an affair with his co-star, Le Ann Rimes.

Here’s more: Never one to mince her words, Glanville is slamming Armstrong for dating a married man, telling Us Weekly, “I think she’s hurting people and I don’t have respect for that,” and Radar has video of her interview.

“I just don’t agree with a lot of things she does,” Glanville says. I feel sorry for her and her situation with her daughter [and her husband's suicide] I just don’t think she’s making great choices.This was a real woman so terrified to break a cycle of alleged abuse that she was, in fact, perpetuating it. But now we said it.” That doesn’t mean it was any less painful to watch. So, when Taylor claimed she wanted to be honest and open, Camille was right to point out, “I don’t think you want to put everything out there. The ladies quickly realized what was going on beneath it all, and that’s where things got world. Were you as uncomfortable as we were at last night’s episode?This wasn’t a game night squabble or a passive-aggressive spa get-together. Did Russell’s August suicide make the confrontation even ickier than it otherwise would have been? The tea time confrontation-turned-intervention continues next Monday.She sounded wasted, of course, and she really went on about how this guy was the one for her.

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