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For example, despite our repeated efforts to quit smoking, our lack of a strong will would still cause us to end up in failure。 In any of our undertakings, we should first set a goal. Without a strong will, people would give up in the middle and they fail to achieve their goals. For those people who do succeed, they succeed simply because they have that mental stamina which enables them to challenge even the most insurmountable difficulties。 We often say that ‘Impossible is Nothing’. [C] To protest against the poor working conditions.

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Thus, the authorities should enforce some policies to ensure the equity of education. For these blanks, you can either use the exact words you have just heard or write down the main points in your own words.

Only in this way can more people lead a stable and comfortable life. Finally, when the passage is read for the third time, you should check what you have written.

They can be replaced any time due to the fact that their jobs are easy and can be finished by average people. When the passage is read for the second time, you are required to fill in the blanks numbered from 36 to 43 with the exact words you have just heard.

Definitely, the higher education degree you get, the more likely you are to enjoy a competitive edge in the employment market. For blanks numbered from 44 to 46 you are required to fill in the missing information.

However, the unemployment rate of people with some college, no degree and lower degree surpass the mean value of7.6%, ranking from 8.7% to 14.1%.

The bar chart of Education Pays reveals a phenomenon that there exits some difference in incomes and unemployment rate among people with different educational level.

Part Ⅰ Writing (30minutes) Directions: For this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a short essay entitled Excessive Packaging following the outline given below. 注意:此部分试题在答题卡2上;请在答题卡2上作答。 Contrary to the old warning that time waits for no one, time slows down when you are on the move. that move at a speed greater than light, and therefore, might serve as our passports to the past. seems to have been a part of humanity for as long as human have existed. used a definition of time for experimental purposes, as that which is measured by a clock.

You should write at least 120 words but no more than 180 words. It also slows down more as you move faster, which means astronauts(宇航员) someday may (36) _____________ so long in space that they would return to an Earth of the (37) _____________ future. Section A Directions: In this section, you will hear 8 short conversations and 2 long conversations.

Perhaps the primary reason lies that the form far outweighs the content. A search is now under way to confirm the suspected existence of particles of matter (44) ___________ _ An obsession (沉迷) with time—saving, gaining, wasting, losing, and mastering it — (45) ___________Humanity also has been obsessed with trying to capture the meaning of time.

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