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New Weekly Processing: Liquidations will no longer occur on a two week cycle.Liquidations will process weekly, with entry summaries liquidating every Friday.Kavanaugh was simply operating without the consent or participation of JGJ.” Kavanaugh allegedly ignored repeated admonitions that he was acting without the proper authority, required by the the company’s post-bankruptcy operating agreement, Nicholas’s legal filing says.

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Sureties and filers will continue to receive extension and suspension courtesy notices, which will be sent via ABI.

Those filing in paper will not receive a courtesy notice, they will only be available to those filing electronically.

The investment funds were Anchorage Capital Group, Luxor Capital Group and Falcon Investment Advisors.

Last Updated | October 5, 2017 On February 24, 2018 U. Customs and Border Protection will deploy Liquidation capabilities, except where noted below, in ACE at which time liquidations will no longer be filed/processed in ACS and must be done via ACE.

“Given the material defaults under the plan, the Reorganized Debtors’ ongoing losses and lack of liquidity, and the questions about the effectiveness and trustworthiness of management, it is necessary and appropriate for the Court to convert these cases to one under Chapter 7,” the filing says.

It adds that the shift to Chapter 7 status would allow “a trustee [to] take charge of the modest remaining assets, liquidate them, and distribute the proceeds accordingly.” The filing notes that many bills have gone unpaid since Relativity reorganized, including more than million owed to bankruptcy lawyers and other professionals.Extensions and Suspensions: CBP will no longer print notifications of extension and suspension.The electronic bulletin will serve as the official notice for extensions and suspensions.It was also reported that producer Dana Brunetti, brought on to help Kavanaugh run Relativity’s film studio, had stepped away from the company.The filing Wednesday makes the case for pushing the company — which emerged from Chapter 11 protection in April — into a liquidation.“Repeated requests for documents and information have been disregarded,” the legal filing says.

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