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DI Mooney and the team enter the high-stakes world of poker when a finalist is poisoned during the Caribbean Poker Masters tournament.

Karen steps in to bail out Jack, but then needs Jack to bail her out.

When "The Breakdown" staff finds themselves embroiled in a lawsuit with eccentric billionaire Fenton Pelt, Chuck is convinced he can solve the problem.

A small band of rebels are all that stand in the factorys way but when they resolve to destroy it, they may find that theyre the perfect consumers after all.

After a politician makes a shocking statement encouraging violence, a man is apparently murdered and left hanging from a lamppost.

Otis and Cruz are on a mission to find out who Bretton is dating.

Meanwhile, Boden is skeptical when Donnas brother Julian unexpectedly comes to town.

As the SWAT team goes inside a prison riot to rescue civilian hostages, Hondo suspects the inmates have an ulterior motive behind the uprising.

Also, when Deacons wife, Annie, stops by headquarters to celebrate Deacons 10th anniversary with the SWAT division, her visit takes an unexpected turn.

Everyones really excited when Sister Michael announces the school trip this year is to Paris.

Erins keen to cultivate her writing (and a friendship with Charlene Kavanagh, the most popular girl in school), Clare and James want to improve their French, Orla thinks shes going to meet Nicole and Papa from the Renault Clio adverts and Michelle wants to ride a French fella.

And Burgess moves the case forward with a series of confidential tips, but risks putting her informant in harms way.

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