Wow armory not updating my character

This page imports the characters name, race, class and level for all characters in the Wo W Armory for your guild.It can also be used to keep the level of the characters up to date.Individual members that play more than twenty percent of a team's games are given special rewards, such as nether drakes and specialized titles.

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Update: guardian druid stat priority is fixed, they were overwriten by resto stats by mistake.

New expansion brought some new bugs, here are the latest fixes: - Protection paladins with Fist of Justice are being displayed properly now - Heirloom weapons are rated properly for level 100 characters.

With Patch 4.0.1, many mechanics of World of Warcraft were changed but are not yet reflected in the Armory.

Missing mechanics include: Reforging, Engineering enchantments, and Prime Glyphs.

We have created a tool for all Diablo III fans, - you can create custom character profiles from scratch - damage and all other stats (resistances, dodge, etc) should be automatically calculated as you add new items/statistics - you can move items to and from inventory simply by dragging them - character profiles can easily be shared - at the moment, it's in beta testing phase Feel free to check out Diablo-Heroes guide and FAQ We are finishing updates for patch 4.3.

Latest changes include: - Dragon Soul is added to raid list on main character page.

Please note that it's not possible to track LFR statistics at the moment, but this feature should be available within the next few hours - Guild tab: suggested instances are once again available on this page - Progress tab now includes Dragon Soul guild achievements.

It's being updated right now, some glitches might occur until it's finished.

- Deck builder: create a perfect deck and share it with your friends. Sha of Anger and Galleon achievements are removed for now. In case you notice a missing item, please report it on forum. It is available from level 90, along with statistics of boss kills, and is currently in beta testing phase - Tooltips on item icons in character page now show gems, enchants and set bonuses Updates for patch 5.0.4 are being finalized.

Latest changes include: - Ranged slot is removed from the game - Head enchants are removed from the game - New talent system is implemented and druids now have 4 specializations We are working on some new features, more info is coming soon.

As you've noticed, the amount of changes is huge, but we'll try to get everything to work properly in the next few days. Main changes include: - Hellfire Citadel is added to raid list on main character page - New character statistics and achievements have been added to main character page - Progress tab now includes Hellfire Citadel rankings. If you see that your guild progress is not correct, you can update it manually by clicking on the "Update progress for your guild" button on the Progress tab, select the people who were in your latest raid(s), and click on the "Update progress" button.

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