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Indeed, Scott (2001) notes with irony that the writings of those who claimed that ‘satanic ritual abuse’ is a ‘moral panic’ had many of the features of a moral panic: scapegoating therapists, social workers and sexual abuse victims whilst warning of an impending social catastrophe brought on by an epidemic of false allegations of sexual abuse.It is perhaps unsurprising that social movements for people accused of sexual abuse would engage in such hyperbole, but why did this rhetoric find so many champions in academia and the media? The word derives from the Greek hyperballein, meaning "to overshoot." We use the prefix "hyper-" in many other words in English, but the root "ballein"—to cast or throw—may be less recognizable in words such as "ballistic" or (believe it or not) "diabolical"—a "diablo" or devil being one who is "cast out".

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” ― Sydney Smith “Don’t tell me Kinshasa, the poorest city in the poorest country in the world, a place where the average per capita income is one goat bell, two bootleg Michael Jackson cassette tapes, and three sips of potable water per year, thinks we’re too poor to associate with.” ― Paul Beatty, “Indeed ethnography and theory resemble nothing so much as the two arcsof a hyperbola, which cast their beams in opposite directions, lighting up thesurfaces, respectively, of mind and world.

They are back to back, and darknessreigns between them.

But most notably, other gods...” ― Kevin Hearne “The risk is, as ever, that the hyperbole of IPL will simply smother the cricket; perhaps the members of the IPL's cheer squad should stop listening to each other and start listening to themselves.” ― Gideon Haigh “In her book claiming that allegations of ritualistic abuse are mostly confabulations, La Fontaine’s (1998) comparison of social workers to ‘nazis’ shows the depth of feeling evident amongst many sceptics.

However, this raises an important question: Why did academics and journalists feel so strongly about allegations of ritualistic abuse, to the point of pervasively misrepresenting the available evidence and treating women disclosing ritualistic abuse, and those workers who support them, with barely concealed contempt?

” ― Michael Salter, tags: allegations, britain, child-abuse, child-sexual-abuse, confabulation, contempt, denial, disinformation, epidemic, false-allegations, hype, hyperbole, hysteria, jean-la-fontaine, journalists, mass-media, media, misinformation, misrepresentations, moral-panic, nazis, organized-abuse, report, ritual-abuse, ritual-abuse-myth, ritualistic-abuse, satanic-panic, satanic-ritual-abuse, scapegoating, sceptics, sensationalism, sexual-abuse, skeptics, social-workers, society-denial, therapists tags: alternative-facts, compulsive-liar, contradiction, contradictory, deceit, donald-trump, donald-trump-quotes, grandiosity, hyperbole, liar, lies, lying, lying-to-others, pathological-liar, self-aggrandizing, self-deception, truthful-hyperbole “Sir John's confidence in his own judgment rose with this animated praise, and he set off directly for the cottage to tell the Miss Dashwoods of the Miss Steeles' arrival, and to assure them of their being the sweetest girls in the world.

From such commendation as this, however, there was not much to be learned; Elinor well knew that the sweetest girls in the world were to be met with in every part of England, under every possible variation of form, face, temper and understanding.” ― Jane Austen, “Going to marry her? You mean a part of her; he could not marry her all himself. You might people a colony with her; or give an assembly with her; or perhaps take your morning's walk round her, always provided there were frequent resting places, and you were in rude health.

It would be a case, not of bigamy but trigamy; there is enough of her to furnish wives for the whole parish. I once was rash enough to try walking round her before breakfast, but only got half way and gave it up exhausted.

Or you might read the Riot Act and disperse her; in short, you might do anything but marry her!

For ethnography, when itturns, is no longer ethnography but the educational correspondences of real life.

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