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In Chapter 2, "Creating and Manipulating Data Sets," you learned how to create an XSD schema in the Visual Studio .

Xsdvalidatingreader class

Validation Event Handler, Address Of Validation Handler While vr.

Write Line("Validation finished") End Sub ' Main Public Shared Sub Print Type Info(vr As Xml Validating Reader) If Not (vr.

Move To Next Attribute() Print Type Info(vr) End While End If End While Console. Schema Type Is Xml Schema Simple Type Then Dim value As Object = vr.

Name, value) End If End If End Sub ' Print Type Info Public Shared Sub Validation Handler(sender As Object, args As Validation Event Args) Console.

Xml Validating Reader maps the namespace URI in the XML document to the schema that corresponds to that URI in the collection.

Schema Namespace Validation Sample Class Sample Public Shared Sub Main() Dim tr As New Xml Text Reader("Head Count.xml") Dim vr As New Xml Validating Reader(tr) vr.

For example, here's how to use the Data Set object to infer a schema for the file: ' Load an XML file with no schema information Dim xtr As Xml Text Reader = _ New Xml Text Reader("Books.xml") ' Read the schema (only) into a Data Set Dim ds As Data Set = New Data Set() Dim ns As String() ds. To String() The prime use of a schema file is to validate the corresponding XML file.

Infer Xml Schema(xtr, ns) ' Write the schema out as a separate stream Dim sw As String Writer = New String Writer() ds. Although any XML file that conforms to the syntactical rules for XML is well-formed, this does not automatically make the file valid.

In this section, you'll learn about the methods that are available to programmatically generate XSD schemas.

One obvious source for an XML schema is an XML file.

Some other notes: In the next post, I'll cover details on different usages of the tool and the effect of different options. importing a web or list to a different parent on the target) and I'll talk about this.

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