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This can be done using file names, streams, or an XML data string. That is: right-to-left, top-to-bottom or left-to-right, top-to-bottom.

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XML has become a very hot topic, and now it's XSLT's turn.

XML enables you to structure the data in documents, and XSLT enables you to work with the contents of XML documents—manipulating the content and creating other documents, such as when you sort an XML employee records database or store that data in an HTML document, as well as format that data in a detailed way.

To get started, this chapter examines both XSLT and XSL-FO in overview.

If you are using Oracle JDeveloper, then the charting and XML Parser libraries are available to you.

The easiest method to obtain the libraries is to download and install the Template Builder for Microsoft Word Add-in. Form fields in a PDF document include edit boxes, buttons, and radio buttons. When you create an instance of this class, an internal XFDF tree is initialized. Form Processor f Processor = new Form Processor(); f Template(file Path); // Input File (PDF) name XFDFObject xfdf Object = new XFDFObject(f Field Info()); println(xfdf String()); import *; import xfdf. This can then be passed along with a data source (XML file) to the FO Engine to produce PDF, HTML, RTF, or Excel (HTML) output.

Download the Template Builder for Word from the Home page, under . Form Processor f Processor = new Form Processor(); f Template(original File Path); // Input File (PDF) name f Data String(xml Contents); // Input XML string f Output(new File Path); // Output File (PDF) name f Processor.process(); import Use append() methods to append a FIELD element to the XFDF tree by passing a String name-value pair. This class also enables you to append XML data by calling append XML() methods. Use either input/output file names or input/output streams as shown in the following examples: BI Publisher utilizes the Unicode Bi Di algorithm for Bi Di layout.

And you're going to see all of it at work in this book.

XSLT is all about handling and formatting the contents of XML documents (the companion volume to this book is Inside XML, New Riders, 2000).

This mechanism provides control over what default fonts to use when a specified font or glyph is not found.

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