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Office Colebank reflects on the case three years later.

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In other news, Lakin recently published new "mugshots" of Rachel & Shelia.

Compared to the old ones (see the bottom of the page), at least Shelia seems a bit more "adjusted" to prison life: | Posted on Tuesday, September 27, 2016 | Oxygen's "Snapped" true crime series had an episode about the case a few weeks back.

While she was never suspected of anything, there are those who believe Shelia may have opened up to her, but Alexis herself claims Shelia never told her anything aside from denying any involvement in Skylar's death.

Still, this is a friendship that's gonna keep haunting her: | Posted on Wednesday, May 31, 2017 | Not much news since the last update.

By the way, West Virginia already has a "Son of Sam" law (these laws prevent criminals from benefiting from their crimes) in effect, but the law has not been tested in court yet and may be unconstitutional. In other news, Shelia's cousin Alexis seems to have joined the cast of "Are You the One? Those who followed the case were quite critical of how close she was to Shelia in the months leading up to Shelia's arrest.

In fact, they had an exchange on Twitter on April 1, 2013, that some believe implicated her as well: While Shelia probably did intend the "we really did go on three" tweet to be about the night she and Rachel killed Skylar (Shelia posted a few tweets of this nature where she seemed to be taunting those who suspected her of the crime), Alexis's "that was a good idea" was a reply to Shelia's earlier tweet: Alexis was responding to Shelia's "we really did go on three" tweet.16-year old Skylar Neese disappeared from her Star City, West Virginia, home on July 6, 2012.While initially treated as a runaway, investigators soon came to believe something more sinister had happened to her.The case never went to court, because Skylar's parents accepted an offer from the girls' legal teams; they seem to have settled for 5 million dollars.While that sounds like a lot of money, it's not very likely the Neeses are ever gonna get paid: "Dave Neese said they understand the figure is just a number on a piece of paper and the case was never about money.One objective of this website is to collect and store material that's been spread over several different websites, discussion forums, books and tv segments.

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