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“The reason we are doing this is to give a hand to new mothers and help the hospital.” Ms Prince gave birth at Poole Hospital last year to daughter Amber and was representing the Mum’s Make and Create group from baby friendly cafe Yummy Mummy’s, at Wimborne Road in Winton, where she also volunteers.“I had my baby in the Haven suite and the midwives, doctors and all the staff were so good to us I just wanted to try and give something back,” she added.

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An opportunity to see baby’s organs, limbs and bones developing in the early stages of pregnancy in 2D, in advance of your standard NHS scan.

Scan to determine the gender of your baby before it is born allowing you to plan the decor of your baby’s nursery, and buy gender specific baby clothes ahead of their arrival.

Your standard NHS scan will not always confirm the gender of your baby.

An opportunity to meet your baby before they’re born.

We offer a number of different types of scan, but these are largely based on when you are in your pregnancy rather than what you want to include in your scan package.

Whilst we have an extensive range of extras available, and they're very reasonably priced, you are under no obligation to buy any of these, and you won't find our staff pushing you to buy anything extra. Scan early in pregnancy to measure baby and provide a more accurateestimated due date.

The answer at the moment is that there is no evidence to suggest that 4D Bonding Scans are harmful, however, it is important that you have all of the facts about the risks associated with the procedure before coming to your decision on the matter.

PREMATURE babies too small to fit into shop-bought hats have been given a helping hand by a group of students in Bournemouth.

Not only will you get 15 minutes viewing time of your baby but we also include 2 printed pictures and online access to all of your pictures anywhere anytime making sharing your special experience with friends and family easy.

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