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Ignatius Mabasa Shelling the Nuts My life is choked by new media — Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Linked In, Skype, Google , e-mail, voice calls, You Tube — the list goes on.I know that social media are indispensable, especially when it comes to the passing on of information and knowledge, and perhaps how to I am tired of social media messages generated by perverts and morons in order to celebrate stupidity, mediocrity and collapse of values.

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She exposes lack of knowledge about nutrition, balanced diet and diseases of defective metabolism of uric acid that cause arthritis.

I think she was just a housemaid, that type which got sneaked into the UK and they are mistaking the UK for heaven.

If there is one thing that foreign countries successfully made me realize and feel, it is the fact that, a black man belongs to Africa.

Ask your friends or relatives in the diaspora kuti zvinoitwa here zvatinoita kuno zvekuti ukakwira kombi, bhazi kana chitima, or if you are in the same queue like me and the guy I met at the airport, for you to just start talking to a stranger. Zvedu zvekukwira kombi and you hear people talking about soccer, Macheso’s daughter, Makandiwa, Magaya or Makanaka Wakatama like we do here.

As a result, the black man felt inferior to the superior race.

So, showing off his white girlfriend is an achievement worth shouting home about nekuti sekuru Gudo vatenga Samsung Tablet, but the unfortunate thing is he will use it to crush centipedes.

The reality remains that we will never be fully accepted by the people and the cultures of the foreign lands we want to call home.

I remember a chap I met at Harare International Airport at one time.

Unfortunately, and perhaps tragically — when Alexio eventually gets to England, he is mightily disappointed with the reality that welcomes him.

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