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The Boazanians first defeat from the hands of Super Electromagnetic Machine Voltes V brings the invaders to focus their attacks on Japan.

The characters deal with their identity's impact on their own lives and that on both their close friends and bitter enemies.

An American English dubbed version was released in North America in 1983 by 3B Productions as Voltus 5.

In addition, this version has been retooled to transform into Voltank mode.

The debut album of the Filipino rock band Eraserheads is titled Ultraelectromagneticpop!

It was a condensed version of episodes 1, 2, 9 and 18.

The English dub used the character names of the Philippine English version.

The series focuses on the struggle against the Boazanian invaders and the Gō brothers' search for their long-lost father, Kentarō Gō.

As the series progresses, four major characters — Professor Mitsuyo Gō, Zuhl, General Oka and Professor Hamaguchi — die.

In April 1979, shortly before the series finale, the authoritarian President Ferdinand Marcos issued a directive banning Voltes V and other similarly-themed anime series, ostensibly due to concerns about "excessive violence".

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